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Unmoored (biography) :: Indefinite Soul-Extension
Country: Sweden
Label: Code666
Year: 2003
Format: Album
Released on CD (digipak).

1. Unspeakable Grief (05:44)
2. Commit to the Fire (05:25)
3. Leave-Taking (06:02)
4. Phase of Revulsion (07:27)
5. Morndraper (02:34)
6. Cinders Veil (05:40)
7. Spit forth from Failure (06:59)
8. Final State Part III (Posthumous Writings) (05:47)
= 00:45:38

Produced and engineered by Tommy Tägtgren and Tomas Johansson.
Recorded and mixed at Studio Abyss, Pärlby, Sweden, August-September 2002, and at Criteria Mastering, Skövde, Sweden, September and December 2002.
Mixed and mastered by Tomas Johansson, Christian Älvestam and Johan Åstrand at Criteria Mastering, January 2003.

All music and lyrics written by Christian Älvestam, except additional keyboard melody on 7 by Johan Åstrand.

Artwork and layout by Fabio Timpanaro (NeonTrinityKill Graphics).

Line-up (pictured):
Christian Älvestam - vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass
Tomas Johansson - lead guitar, additional bass
Henrik Schönström - drums

Additional musicians:
Johan Åstrand - keyboards
Mats Johansson - violin

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