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Ainulindalë to debut with 'Les chroniques d'Arda ' EP soon

A very strange world lay behind those hills, isn't it? Come my little friend, take place near the fire and choose your best pipe-weed. You're about to hear about a world that your father, his father and his father before him just forgot. A world built on stories that no one heard in ages. Listen carefuly the chant of Numenorean arrogance or the clash of the first born's swords resonate in deep forest. Listen, my little friend, those stories from Arda....

First EP of French duo Ainulindalë: Epic, unique and atmospheric!

Track listing:
1. Les damnés de Numénor (04:33)
2. Dagor-Nuin-Giliath (04:20)
3. Le geste de Maeglin (03:21)
4. Et même les milles cavernes se sont vidées.... (02:36)

The EP will be out on 3rd December, 2021, via Naturmacht Productions.

(source: Naturmacht Productions)

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