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Avulsed to release a new single 'Vile Evil Rotted over'

Illustration by Ukrainian artist Daemorph Art.

'Vile Evil Rotted over' is Avulsed's first new track in 8 years. It will be released on February 28th, just to commemorate the 1st year since Verónica Váquez, the wife of vocalist Dave Rotten, left us all after two years of fighting cancer. The lyrics of this song, as well as the detail on the cover, are a tribute to her, a true warrior who never gave up and who, despite having lost her life by taking the tumor with her, now what remains is her memory, which makes her someone eternal and immortal for those of us who knew her.

Since 2015, Avulsed had not recorded a new song, it was on that EP 'Altar of Disembowelment' supported by a European tour, and although it is true that the following year they re-recorded 18 songs for 'Deathgeneration' with which they celebrated their 25th anniversary participating in numerous big festivals in Spain and Europe, and in 2017 they released the double live album 'Night of the Living Deathgenerations' followed by another tour in Europe, the band began a slow songwriting process, which is actually the usual one for about 3 years between one album and another, but in 2020 the pandemic came and cut short all plans. This situation, together with terrible family dramas in some of the members, caused the songwriting to stop drastically.

Still, Avulsed have almost completed 8 new tracks for the next album, which will still take some time to finish and in the meantime, they have decided to record one of those tracks, which may not be included in the album later, to let everyone know that Avulsed is back, in better shape than ever, and willing to pick up the ground lost in recent years!

'Vile Evil Rotted over' will be available to listen to on YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and all existing digital platforms starting next February 28th.

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