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The Heruka project's first inception was in the year 2000 when Adranor (vocals, bass guitar, drum programming) and Valdemar (vocals, guitars) got together with the purpose of recreating through extreme music, in an epicurean conception, sensations and moods aroused within them by the ancient medieval sicilian village called Erice.

'Doxa Epicurea', the first demo, was recorded between May and June 2001 and consisted of 5 tracks. This obsessive and gloomy recording, was meant to show the insignificance of single lives before the greatness of natural upheavals. At the end of 2001, Valdemar left the band and Adranor decided to continue by himself, starting to put on paper new ideas in order to produce new songs.

Mini CD entitled 'Leggenda' (translates to "legend") was released in february 2005, it contained 6 tracks and is about 24 minutes long. The lyrics (in Italian) deal with the famous Sicilian place, albeit put in a wider context with oniric inserts so that everything is within a spatial/temporal vision entirely created by Adranor. After some live shows to promote 'Leggenda' with Adranor (vocals, bass) and Moha (guitar) work started on the sequel of 'Leggenda' with plans to release a full lenght album, but due to various reasons the project was put on hold.

In the end of 2016 Adranor and Nemuri Shi met in Rome and together decided to start working on the new material and resurrect the concept, this time with a full band. So, Adranor (guitar) and Nemuri Shi (drums) completed the new line-up recruiting Nekrom (vocals) and Moha (bass) and begun rehearsing the old material together with some new songs already completed which will bring the concept and story of 'Leggenda' to new levels. As soon as the band got together it was agreed to update the old material in a way more fitting for a full band and with all the lyrics translated in English.

Through 2017 the band completed the work on all the material and started the recording of the album which ended in December. In June 2018 the two labels, Vacula and Narcoleptica, in co-production released the album 'Deception's End' both in digital and CD format. The album is composed by 16 tracks.

Between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 the band recorded the EP 'Turning to Dust' (24 minutes). This new EP was released in September 2019 by Narcoleptica Production (Russia / Kazakhstan) both in digital and digipack CD format (limited edition of 200 copies). A concept about those who, tired of the ordeal of life, see death as a relief and as the beginning of something better.

The intense compositional activity of the band made possible the end of the recordings of the second album (10 songs for about 40 minutes) called 'No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows' already at the end of 2019. In June of this year it will be released by the label Rude Awakening Records in both digital and digipack CD versions (limited edition of 300 copies). The lyrical concept behind this album will explore the deepest and unknown sides of mental illnesses, through the eyes of the afflicted individuals.

(source: Heruka, June 2020)
(discography updated in October 2020)


Founded: 2000
Status: active
Country of origin: Italy



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Minis and Singles

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Doxa Epicurea (2001)