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  • Ad Noctum webzine / Streetcleaner zine
    German webzine with interviews, reviews and other stuff. Streetcleaner is their zine.
  • Angry Metal Guy
    "With over 25 years of metal appreciation you would think Mr. Steel Druhm would at least get health insurance, but NO!"
  • Anubis Zine
    Turkish webzine supporting black / death / grind / gore / thrash metals.
  • Aorta Webzine
    Only in Finnish. And last time updated in 2001... But nice reading from the past for all Finns who enjoy the darker side of metal music.
  • Asian Death
    Asian Death promote the finest brutal black / death metal bands across South East Asian countries. Reviews, interviews, band lists etc.
  • Band In Italy
    Italian webzine specialized for upcoming bands.
  • Black Minds Magazine
    A Russian zine supporting black metal, pagan metal, death, dark ambient plus other extreme music styles. Reviews, interviews plus other articles and stuff.
  • Bloody Thrash
    Italian language (well, mostly) thrash metal webzine.
  • Canadian Assault
    Old printed zine moved into net. Class!
  • Carnage Death Metal
    German print/webzine, specialized in death metal. Mostly in German, something in English.
  • Casus Belli Zine
    Russian webzine, also a record label.
  • Classic Thrash
    Site dedicated to review old school thrash metal albums by classic bands, emphasizing in the late 1980s / early 1990s.
  • Dark Legions Archive
    Reviews of black, death, speed, doom. Also some history of metal, sounds and links. Plus other stuff, too.
  • Dark Moon 'zine
    Dark Moon 'zine is underground metal publication which was born in 1993. Print zine, but also has interviews online.
  • Diabolical Conquest
    Underground extreme metal webzine from India, with the usual contents.

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