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Brutal, uncompromising and original this LP tops pretty much everything that came the way in early 1990's via the brutal death metal scene. Napalm Death was right up there with 'Harmony Corruption' (1990), but this one is slower in comparison, not much. These guys started or paved the way to the death metal scene with the newly born Entombed (a few years prior) and Deicide. But Suffocation has their own sound here, which it will remain to be one of their best albums if not THE best. Everything seemed to come together and the riffs are amazing. They're so thick with a heavy, distorted tone.

The vocals are one of the pinnacles to the album, just things seemed to be pretty much in tandem with what a technical brutal death metal album should be like. A huge influence on the scene and metal in general. They were featured in Metal Maniacs way back 30 years ago. Or just about that much time ago. So since they've been around a while even with a minor split they're still making good albums. But this one (to me) tops them all. The music is just brutality and unrelenting. That snare drum just beats in your skull. It's totally wicked! I enjoyed this the whole way through it. Every song is good!

Production-wise it's really good. Everything is mixed together smoothly and with perfection. They just don't give up on here, the sound and atmosphere is grim. They don't give up the riffs are wicked and innovative. They sure show their influences though on this one, not that they're borrowing riffs from bands but some of their death metal riffs (as I see it) show how Sepultura with 'Beneath the Remains' (1989) has a bit of riffing like some particular songs on here. But just heavier and a bit different since they're in the thrash metal genre, Suffocation fits in with the brutal technical death metal genre. And rightfully so!

Buy the physical copy of the CD to show support for the band. Even buying the digital copy still shows the band some support in their royalties. This is probably their best album ever, just everything is good on here. They fit nicely into this genre(s). Brutal, technical and amazing music. And leads, too! Nothing here gets old or stagnant. It's a classic and one that you want to have for always no matter what genre(s) of metal is your favorite. Own it!

Rating: 10 (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Death8699
06/04/2020 12:06

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album cover
Effigy of the Forgotten
1. Liege of Inveracity (04:28)
2. Effigy of the Forgotten (03:47)
3. Infecting the Crypts (04:45)
4. Seeds of the Suffering (05:51)
5. Habitual Infamy (04:15)
6. Reincremation (02:52)
7. Mass Obliteration (04:30)
8. Involuntary Slaughter (03:00)
9. Jesus Wept (03:38)
= 00:37:06