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This album is a MONUMENT. Gene Palubicki from Angelcorpse really delivers big time. I found no fault in this release. It's blackened death metal galore with riffs that just tear your eardrums apart. And wholly original, too! I liked how the production came out so well giving the whole release glory. Of course this is way underground metal and worthy of utmost praise! The tremolo picked guitars are top notch. All the music on here is totally innovative and essential when you make a remarkable album into what it truly is. These guys don't dick around in terms of the songwriting. They really made a unique release into what it is.

I liked this album only, their other release(s) I don't care much for. But that's alright, I still find them to be an interesting band. The energy is just so wicked and the aura is wholly in the evil realm. There is just nothing with flaw in it on here. They just built this up into a monument! Gene's riff writing reflects that of the Angelcorpse days. But I think this is a step up. At least for this project he started. It's amazing that this album has been out for 10 years and there's been no one that's reviewed it until now! I wanted to make a bold statement to metal fans that's why, and why they should check this out.

Everything is accordance to perfection. I cannot find any flaws with the riffs, the songwriting, the mixing and the originality as well as influences. It is just a sheer abomination to the eardrums. The riffs are probably the best thing on the album aside from the drums. These guys definitely knew what they were getting into in making this cast-iron iconic LP. No flaws, none. I like the fact that the tempos never seem to let up at all. They really hit home on everything here. I don't know why they choose to regress instead of progress. That would be not up to me or would be my choice but this remains to be one of the top releases in the metal department of the year (2010).

I cannot believe still that there's no one that bothered to cover this release. They really have it all here tempos fast and riff amazing rhythms without any sort of flaws. Heavy, brutal, fast, and the leads slayed. If you don't hear this band, then that's a disservice not only to the metal community and the band themselves. So please, check them out! They are a band that's highly underrated and one album that will probably be marked as your top ten releases of all time! The album isn't going anywhere except on your CD player or in your earbuds! Get ready for an explosion in your ears!

Rating: 10 (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Death8699
06/16/2020 17:30

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Perdition Temple

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Edict of the Antichrist Elect
1. Genocide Evocation (05:09)
2. From This Darkness of Flesh (04:03)
3. In the Name of a Newborn Tyrant (05:05)
4. Lust Carnage (04:56)
5. Testament to Annihilation (04:53)
6. Plague Camp (04:16)
7. Spearhead of the Conquering (04:48)
8. To Bleed at War (04:12)
= 00:37:22
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