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This one varies from previous releases, it's not as heavy. But when IT IS heavy, it's thick and chunky guitar-work. The tempos are for sure slow, but that goes with pretty much every doom metal based band! For example, Draconian is a prime source for doom metal also and their tempos are pretty slow. The vocals on here are more clean than (it seems) hoarse. It waves well into the heavy guitars. I'm not sure what they tune to (the guitars), but they are heavy. The music is better than the last release, it's just hardcore doom! I should say that the switch between heavy throat to clean works out well.

The songs are lengthy, but still good music. It would be good if they had a female clean vocalist, but this one suffices here. The grunts are there of course and they go alongside the guitars pretty well. It's just changed up like I said. The brutality in the music is there and some of the clean vocals are eclectic. Somewhat romantic, I should say. But the music still goes along well with those parts, too. But I just think the production made the overall sound pretty atmospheric. It's a pretty neat release and the leads are good, as well. I didn't dislike any of the tracks on here. They all are pretty solid.

I was actually curious about what November's Doom has been up to, since I have their last 2 releases. But this one for me is more likable then their last one. They just diversify. That's what makes the score to this review an "A-", it deserves it. Even the really slow bits are good. I don't regret ordering the CD, I actually ordered it to show support for the band and the scene. It's really worth it. I got it on Spotify first though I must admit, but figured it was a good enough one to buy. The music is just so immersing one you cannot pass up. It goes well alongside their discography.

Just try the digital copy first or on YouTube (if it's there) because it's worth your time. And time is pretty much all we have during these tough days. If you're skeptical, checking the album out online is a sure go to see if you like what you hear. I can only tell you my experience with these songs and the album in general. I hope they continue to progress musically and experimentation because this one is just so relaxing. It's an album to listen to when you feel like something calming and serene. I feel that this is one of their better releases and will remain one of the top releases in 2019.

Rating: 9 (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Death8699
07/16/2020 16:46

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Novembers Doom

album cover
Nephilim Grove
1. Petrichor (06:12)
2. The Witness Marks (04:45)
3. Nephilim Grove (06:49)
4. What We Become (06:31)
5. Adagio (05:35)
6. Black Light (06:10)
7. The Clearing Blind (05:40)
8. Still Wrath (05:36)
9. The Obelus (05:47)
10. What We Become (Matte Version) * (06:57)
11. The Clearing Blind (Matte Version) * (05:47)
= 01:05:49
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