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During their lifespan, Finnish black metal band Calvarium have released two rehearsal demos and one full-length album before this. They started back in 2001 and while never publically (did they ever get publicity in the first place?) calling it quits, I think it is safe to presume they are over.

This trio operated in such bands as Alghazanth, Anal Blasphemy and Baptism at time when they united their dark power under the name of Calvarium. The band's gospel was anti-Christian through and through, praising Satan and his hordes. And that's alright with me, even though I never was pushed deep into religious pus. But I understand the hatred towards this forced, oppressive article in this cold land. Also this time around the band perform both English and Finnish lyrics. The themes include physical violence towards Christian people and arcane dark wisdom.

Surely, both Alghazanth and Baptism seep through into Calvarium, but it's never as deep as replicating. The atmosphere is what the title says: Attacking evil spells in form of music. Tremolo riffing and devilish melodiousness are backed by thunderous drums and bass guitar. This is far more pounding when compared to previos full-length album, and also neither as sharp nor buzzing, but reverb is still big. Somewhat slower opener and parts elsewhere really amplify transcendental feeling. Well, it's generally not slow, but for the drums are going slower than the guitar which is doing that tremolo riffing almost throughout the EP. But the atmosphere is strong, and is also believable. By the way, this is also devoid of synthesizers. The vocals vary from more shriek-y to raspy troll-grunting and whatnot, and there's some clean lines sermonised. The compositions are rather straight, but offer a turn here and there; it definitely does not stagnate at any point.

20 minutes of Finnish blasphemy with stygian atmosphere is what Calvarium offered on their final release. So shall it be.

Rating: 7+ (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Lane
07/21/2020 20:05

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Assaulting the Divine
1. Wrathpainted Hammer upon Their Weakening (03:56)
2. Through the Scars of Selfmutilation (04:02)
3. Riistäen sielun ja hengen (05:45)
4. The Dark Blessed Elite (05:46)
= 00:19:29
Dynamic Arts Records 2004

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