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Killer death/grind though not too many blast beats. But the intensity is high with Mitch Harris performing three duties throughout the LP. I liked the whole album, a lot of great energy! Even though it was only 38 minutes there were 12 songs and every one of them was awesome. Mitch does a lot of screaming and the guitar riffs are killer. I enjoyed that aspect of the album. Some things were definitely early Napalm Death related such as a song off of 'From Enslavement to Obliteration' (1988) called 'Unchallenged Hate'. Mitch played a track on here that's similar to it so yeah definitely Napalm Death related.

The sound quality was good on here, I'd say you can hear everything pretty clearly and the drums turned out well on that front, too. There aren't many disdainful things to say about this album. I just do hope that more people learn about the band. This one was out in October of last year and I'm just recently hearing it. It was thanks to an interview with Mitch Harris talking about this project. I used to have Defecation, a band that Mick Harris and Mitch from Napalm Death were in. But Mick fled the music scene unfortunately and to me he was the best grindcore drummer that I've ever heard. Just irreplaceable.

The sound quality on the album is top notch. I just wish there were more of a distribution of CD's for them rather than just vinyl. But the digital version for now, I was able to hear everything and illicit a solid conception of what to expect from the album. I like this band a lot and if Mitch ever decides to leave Napalm Death to pursue just this band, I'm all for it. Being that he's 52 now, he's got years left for this and for Napalm Death as well! I just felt the good vibe from this so yeah I think these guys work well together and hope that they never ditch what they've started here. It's too good and the energy is fierce.

I was playing it ad nauseum. But yeah, there needs to be more copies of this on CD's for us collectors not just digital album releases or vinyl. All 12 songs kick ass and you'll have to get in the intensity of the band. It's what's the most prevalent. I didn't like the vocals as much as I should which is probably why I gave it a 90% instead of a higher score. But take a listen here for similarities between Napalm Death and Brave The Cold. Mitch has been with them for years so yes it's good that he created this project! Check it out!

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Reviewed by Death8699
11/20/2021 17:16

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Brave The Cold

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1. Blind Eye (03:10)
2. Hallmark of Tyranny (04:16)
3. Monotheist (03:24)
4. Retrograde (03:31)
5. Apparatus (02:32)
6. Dead Feed (02:54)
7. Upheaval (05:25)
8. Refuge (03:03)
9. Necromatrix (03:01)
10. Shallow Depth (04:08)
11. Shame and Ridicule (02:39)
= 00:38:03
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