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I'm not a huge fan of this band, but I've owned albums from them that I didn't keep. Heard about it from a Chicagoan and decided to give it a try. WHOA! This one is unrelenting metal galore! I would say that there aren't many peaks and valleys in this one, it's mostly fierce the whole way through. The vocals I can tolerate as well and the guitars just slay. Not to mention the quality of the riffs! They are simply dynamite! I don't really have anything ill-fated to say about this one. They really upped the intensity to the nth degree. I don't see any fallouts on this one. They did a great job.

Now I'd have to say that their tempos range but the intensity of the vocals make the songs more striking. The overall musicianship is phenomenal. I never knew that sounds like this from the band were ever possible! But they made dynamite and brimstone here. They do change things up every so bit, but the majority of the album is just brutal melodic metal. The riffs are catchy and noteworthy. The vocals blast the eardrums to the utmost intensity! I liked everything that they did here. There was nothing on here that I disliked. Their unique riff style and choice of songwriting is just utterly magical.

The sound quality was just perfection, ABSOLUTELY. They did their label and fans justice on this one. The rhythms, leads, vocals and drums just are like this ever flowing stream. They kick major ass on here. All the songs are amazing and exceptional. They slay on every track no matter what tempo they're at. They did change things up making it a more diverse release. But this is something different than what I was used to for this band which was the riff writing. They put a lot of time to get the songs unique in their own style. I think that this is one of their best albums to date. So good to discover this one!

Mainly, I didn't like previous releases because I didn't think that they were equivocal to 'Royal Destroyer'. They really sound great and their melodic riffs kick some major ass! I heard this first online then immediately bought the release. It was definitely worth buying since my CD player plays us CD collectors at top notch sound. This is one of the releases of this year that is one of the best in the genre. I liked the whole album through and though. They definitely kicked major ass the whole way through. They know how to make phenomenal releases and then some. Check it out!

Rating: 9 (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Death8699
11/29/2021 20:04

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The Crown

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Royal Destroyer
1. Baptized in Violence (01:18)
2. Let the Hammering Begin! (06:13)
3. Motordeath (04:23)
4. Ultra Faust (06:21)
5. Glorious Hades (05:06)
6. Full Metal Justice (03:01)
7. Scandinavian Satan (02:57)
8. Devoid of Light (03:32)
9. We Drift on (04:40)
10. Beyond the Frail (05:19)
11. Absolute Monarchy * (02:55)
12. Dawn Of Emptiness (Demo) **
= 00:45:45
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