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This album has a 'Cause of Death' (1990) vibe to it. The music is quality riff-wise. And the vocals are vintage John Tardy. I like both the riffs and the vocals the most. The production quality is different. It's kind of hollow which doesn't mean I'm scoring it lower. The riffs are fresh and the songwriting is totally Obituary. But yeah, the vibe is in the vein of 'Cause of Death'. But it's modern death metal with their own sound that they acquired in the late 80's-early 90's. A lot of their releases duplicate the previous but this one is a little different. The main difference is the sound quality. It makes it sound unique.

The songwriting is quality and the guitar riffs are catchy. I liked this whole album I thought that they have a lot to offer (still) and I think they have more full-length albums up their alley in the future. The music is pretty slow but chunky riffs. Definitely one of their better releases.

Check out the songs 'By the Dawn' and 'Be Warned'. The rest are good but the latter one is totally from the vein of 'Cause of Death', absolutely. The music is definitely fresh and new with the taste of the old. But they didn't seem to duplicate past releases with a grim vibe.

Like I said, the sound quality is different but good. The music on here is very catchy and new. These guys are great with their quality music the whole way through. I like the music the most and the vocals are totally like they usually are. Overall, they did great!These guys are middle-aged but still excellent brutal metal. I liked the riffs and it sounds like they're in D tuning. Maybe a little bit lower on here. But they're thick and catchy. Those two tracks I mentioned are my favorites from this release. They rehashed 'Cause of Death' with the touches of their new material going in that direction.

I pre-ordered this because it seemed to get positive press and they were right! I'm glad that I checked it out!

Rating: 9 (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Death8699
01/20/2023 12:34

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album cover
Dying of Everything
1. Barely Alive (03:32)
2. The Wrong Time (04:28)
3. Without a Conscience (04:28)
4. War (04:25)
5. Dying of Everything (04:43)
6. My Will to Live (05:20)
7. By the Dawn (04:35)
8. Weaponize the Hate (04:00)
9. Torn Apart (03:37)
10. Be Warned (05:49)
= 00:44:57
Relapse Records 2023

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