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First impressions

First impressions are short previews/reviews of metal music releases. We like to listen to any stuff enough times so we could give them our best opinions. These short comments are done to tell some basic things about releases. Hopefully, there's a long review coming soon after first impressions are posted.

Amorphis: Eclipse (2006) [Nuclear Blast]
Tracklisting: 1. Two Moons, 2. House of Sleep, 3. Leaves Scar, 4. Born from Fire, 5. Under a Soil and Black Stone, 6. Perkele (God of Fire), 7. The Smoke, 8. Same Flesh, 9. Brother Moon, 10. Empty Opening, 11. Stone Woman (bonus track)

Amorphis have taken a step or two back to more metal outlet. I'm truly pleased about that, let me tell you! Fine Finnish, Irish and Middle-Eastern melodies mix with metal, prog and hard rock, making Amorphis a truly powerful, unique force. On this album, the band have mixed their past deeds together (well, minus the death metal era) and sound very fresh. The new vocalist Mr. Joutsen handles his part well, sounding like a rougher version of Pasi Koskinen. Try it, if you feel adventurous! - Previewed by Lane 12-03-2006
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Megadeth: The System Has Failed (2004) CD [Sanctuary]
Tracklisting: 1. Blackmail The Universe (04:33), 2. Die Dead Enough (04:18), 3. Kick The Chair (03:58), 4. The Scorpion (05:59), 5. Tears in a Vial (05:22), 6. I Know Jack (00:41), 7. Back in The Day (03:28), 8. Something I'm not (05:07), 9. Truth Be Told (05:40), 10. Of Mice and Men (04:05), 11. Shadow of Deth (02:15), 12. My Kingdom (03:04)

Tenth one from these legends. Or rather from Dave Mustaine, as he has hired some people to record this, including good ol' Chris Poland. This is another varying bag of tricks. Modern and old school stuff mixed, but of course sounding modern. Radio friendly and not so radio friendly stuff included. Still, at least one thumb up from a guy who has digged the band for well over 10 years.- Previewed by Lane 13-01-2005
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Primordial: The Gathering Wilderness (2005) [Metal Blade]
Tracklisting: 1. The Golden Spiral, 2. The Gathering Wilderness, 3. The Song of the Tomb, 4. End of All Times (Martyrs Fire), 5. The Coffin Ships, 6. Tragedy's Birth, 7. Cities Carved in Stone

Another huge album from Irish Primordial. And as always, it feels like coming home when listening to it. Of course it needs a lot of spinning before anything can be said about it seriously. Long songs, extremely heavy atmosphere, nothing is served as easy. If you think you got time and balls to get into 'The Gathering Wilderness', pick it up and don't forget that bottle of whiskey and kick your family out of house. Nice organic sound, by the way! - Previewed by Lane 05-03-2005
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