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None so Vile (1996) » Classic! «

Reviewed: 7/4/2021

One word: BRUTAL! This album is unrelenting death metal. I'm not sure what I like more 'Whisper Supremacy' (1998) or this one. It's a close call really. I think that both are pretty solid, if not substantial! The music is just all out fast and furious. The album could've been a bit longer but oh well. Lord Worm's vocals are wholly guttural. It makes the album sound heavier than it already is! The music on here is pretty up-tempo the whole way through. And the lead guitar work is solid. I think the rhythms are anything but catastrophic. They just know how to make effective death metal. And technical at that. I've found this album to be easy to like because the riffs were well thought out and technical. This band paved the way to modern technical acts like Archspire, et al. The leads...

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Latest reviews

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Blood Of The Wolf
II: Campaign of Extermination (2018) » Honorary Mention «

Reviewed: 1/20/2022
This is another balls-out release by the band! Totally heavy and annihilation. The music was a littl...
album cover
Pleasure of Consumption (2006)

Reviewed: 1/20/2022
This Polish trio seemed to give some love... no, BIG love, to HM-2 infused Swedish death metal here....
album cover
Blood Red Throne
Imperial Congregation (2021) » Honorary Mention «

Reviewed: 1/14/2022
Brutal death metal in the vein of Suture and Dying Fetus, though less technical than Dying Fetus. T...
album cover
Souls of Black (1990) » Classic! «

Reviewed: 1/13/2022
Bay Area thrash metallers Testament had a hit album with the previous one, 'Practice What You Preach...
album cover
Carnivorous Urge to Kill (2013)
Album reissue

Reviewed: 1/10/2022
This is a brutal re-recorded album and I thought that both 'Skeletal Vortex' (2008) and this were al...