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album cover
Lost in Glass and Stone (2004)
Demo CD

Reviewed: 9/9/2004

Degenerate's first demo from 2003 was a nice, promising package of melodic yet punching metal. This second demo was recorded quite soon after the debut, but is a bit different affair generally. There's been no changes in line-up and it can be heard. All around tight performance from the band, who's partly been together for under a year only. Guitar duo of misters Mikael Ekstedt and Andreas Backa are like telepathically linked twins. However, this is not as melodic or positive-sounding as the debut (more like thanks to its opener 'Blinded'). Songs are longer than on the debut, but also have more stuff in them. Still they feel a tad too long at times. Generally, the music is more twisted now and therefore it didn't strike on first few listens. Nice lively riffing of the mid-paced title trac...

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album cover
Snake Eyes
No One Left to Die (2022)

Reviewed: 2/22/2024
Polish thrash metallers Snake Eyes are having their second coming, and have and will be playing quit...
album cover
Cerecloth (2020)

Reviewed: 2/20/2024
This release is a re-visitation of the "old" Naglfar via the 'Vittra' (their 1995 debut album) relea...
album cover
Altar Nocturno
Solitude of Eternal Night (2024)

Reviewed: 2/15/2024
A new one-man project from Argentina, Altar Nocturno, takes us to the land of night and mountains wi...
album cover
Dimensions of Mortal Frailty (2024) » Honorary Mention «

Reviewed: 2/4/2024
What a killer release by Johnny Dove's one-man-band featuring some guest musicians as well! This alb...
album cover
Cimmerian (1999)

Reviewed: 1/31/2024
Unmoored is (one of) the oldest bands of Swedish metal musician Christian Älvestam, who is probably...