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album cover
Sun Dethroned (2018)

Reviewed: 12/10/2018

Moonshade are a Portuguese band that have been influenced by Nordic melodic death metal, mostly by the Insomnium / Dark Tranquillity / Eternal Tears Of Sorrow school. It is all in: Melancholic mood and beautiful melodies together with beastly vocals and leaden heaviness. Even though the band was initiated already in 2010, the debut full-length album 'Sun Dethroned' was released in October 2018 (a very suitable month for music like this, for sure). Moonshade are really fond with the Nordic sound, because they did not bring in lighter and warmer Mediterranean elements. Only some synthesizer work does remind of the area where the band comes from, and by that I do not mean any digitized castanets, but ethereal yet not chilly sounds reminiscent of Rotting Christ or Moonspell. They should have ...

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album cover
Dimmu Borgir
In Sorte Diaboli (2007) » Honorary Mention «

Reviewed: 7/22/2020
I thought this release was WAY underrated! I really like the guitars, drums, vocals, the whole schpe...
album cover
Dimmu Borgir
Spiritual Black Dimensions (1999)

Reviewed: 7/22/2020
In 1999 Dimmu Borgir took another step away from rawer Norwegian black metal of the yore. Even bigge...
album cover
Assaulting the Divine (2004)

Reviewed: 7/21/2020
During their lifespan, Finnish black metal band Calvarium have released two rehearsal demos and one ...
album cover
Novembers Doom
Nephilim Grove (2019)

Reviewed: 7/16/2020
This one varies from previous releases, it's not as heavy. But when IT IS heavy, it's thick and chun...
album cover
NorthStorm Arrives (1998)

Reviewed: 7/15/2020
The cover art really suits this album; this is black metal with considerable echo and blare. The ban...