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album cover
Try (2006)

Reviewed: 8/21/2006

Oh hell, what the fuck did hit me? A bullet? No, this hurts much more... A drop press? About a 1000 times, yeah! No, actually it was Russian tech metal band Grenouer. I've read that Grenouer used to play death metal. 'Try' is definitely something else. Tech metal? Well, it's precise as a machine even though with some weird than rock 1-2-3-4 tempos, heavy as a drop press, disharmonic and filled with machinery noises. There's no melodies here, but heavy ramming all the way through. Well, almost, as there's some breather parts on hellishly catchy 'Wanting to Be Alone'. But just like Fear Factory on their best album 'Demanufacture' (1995), Grenouer have released a bunch of catchy extreme metal. 'Open up Entrails' harks towards Meshuggah and generally every now and then I get similar sensation...

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Lethal Shöck
Evil Aggressor (2016)

Reviewed: 1/8/2021
This Chicago-based thrash metal band really hit home with me. I think that their style or songwritin...
album cover
Misophonic (2019)

Reviewed: 1/6/2021
Grevia from Palermo, Sicily, are newcomers with this debut EP. They don't play thrash metal, or powe...
album cover
Abbath (2015)

Reviewed: 1/1/2021
I thought that this release is actually better than their new LP because it sounds less like Immorta...
album cover
Inhumanity Vortex
Reverse Engineering (2020)

Reviewed: 12/28/2020
Inhumanity Vortex is basically project titled as Inhumanity, extended. From PC 386 to Pentium... No,...
album cover
Reek of Putrefaction (1988) » Classic! «

Reviewed: 12/25/2020
Sweet debut from UK greats! This is pure goregrind. Raw, brutal and fast are some ways to describe t...