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Taken By The Tide
There Is no such Thing as an Atheist in a Foxhole (2010)

Reviewed: 10/10/2011

Rhythmic insanity, this! Like a heavier version of The Dillinger Escape Plan, perhaps. Did that get you interested? Then read on... Taken By The Tide hail from Nottingham, England and 'There Is no such Thing as an Atheist in a Foxhole' is their debut release. This sounds very professional, both playingwise and productionwise, for a debut release. The sound is organic and covers anything from trebly to bass frequencies. This is some kind of math metal, which I've never truly understood. Maybe that's because I sucked at math in school, he he. I bloody well hated that subject, no matter how important it is in some branches of science. I simply feel that this kind of music hardly has any kind of structure. It go through many tempo changes all the time, filled with quirky and dissonant guitar...

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Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter (2017) » Honorary Mention «

Reviewed: 3/15/2018
It's not very often when discovering a new, debuting band, that it totally knocks me over. So lo and...
album cover
Entombed A.D.
Back to the Front (2014)

Reviewed: 3/6/2018
I really got into Entombed during the first half of 1990s, when they released their first three lege...
album cover
Open the Casket, Enter the Garden (2006)

Reviewed: 3/2/2018
A band who wanted to be a clone - the story of Casketgarden. Well, at least judged by this, their so...
album cover
Faireless to the Flesh (1999)

Reviewed: 2/20/2018
What the fuck does "faireless" mean? Does it mean bassless? I mean, this album is almost devoid of b...
album cover
Zerozonic (2017)

Reviewed: 2/9/2018
Guitarist Daniel Olaisen, known from extreme metal bands Scariot and Blood Red Throne, and also from...