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Bolt Thrower is over (updated March 2017!)

January 1 1970 | More on Bolt Thrower

The day, that many a death metal head feared for is today: English death metal legends Bolt Thrower have called it a day. They went on for 30 years (1986-2016).

The rate they put out albums was slow. However, the quality for more than steely! From crusty origins to toughest war death metal, they took no prisoners.

AM features only 2 reviews to date. I hope there's time and energy to write more soon, during these heavy times.

Bolt Thrower was (and still fucking is!!!) one of the most important death metal bands from England, and world-wide.

I'm going to miss Bolt Thrower. At least their legacy is robust.

Update March 2017: In an interview, remaining members of Bolt Thrower have been promising to keep up the legacy of Martin "Kiddie" Kearns (passed away on 14.09.2015). Will it be the last tour? Live album(s)/video(s)? This remains to be seen! Cannot wait!!!
- Thee ed Lane