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Mineral Reflectance - make the stones speak

January 1 1970 | More on Mineral Reflectance

Another characteristic black metal band from Southern Europe has been unleashed: Mineral Reflectance from France. It all began during the first lockdown (March/June 2020) in the mind of ZagZero (real name: Stephane H. - guitarist and composer in Akphaezya). The debut album 'Des chemins de vie' was released digitally on December 5th, 2021.

Here is what he has to tell about Mineral Reflectance:

"The idea of the concept is based on the contradiction we can see in stones : in one hand, the esotericism of lithotherapy (the power in stones) and on the other hand, the cold scientific study of their reflectance (the way light cross them and reflect) which make each mineral unique. This contradiction between belief and knowledge represents man, stuck between abstract and concrete. A contradiction used here to describe feelings, emotions or some dark parts of each one of the 7 singers. Through the lyrics they write, they deliver a piece of life, an experience, a regret, malaise or anything else they want or they have to expel...

Then, each song is titled by the name of a stone chosen by the author. This choice is based on lithotherapy and the vertus it supposes in direct relation to the song and what it could heal. We finally find again an opposition, the one between the concrete of life and the abstract of hope."