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Welcome to Archaic Metallurgy. We are about metal music. We have reviews, interviews and other stuff for you to see.

First: The website's design is absolutely archaic. If your eyes aren't as they used to be and it's hard to read small text, why not press ctrl and + keys to zoom in on your browser, thank you.

To labels and other than metal bands (read thi...

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9/23/2020 | Massacre announce new lineup...
US death metal band Massacre have recruited a new full lineup. The band messaged: "WHO IS READY FOR...

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9/23/2020 | Anathema go inactive...
English progressive rock band, who's known for their doom metal past, have posted the following mess...

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9/22/2020 | Noctiferia announce new guitarist...
Slovenia's legendary metallers Noctiferia have announced a new band member: Guitarist Andrej Blatnik...

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9/21/2020 | Demonical unleash 'My Kingdom Done'...
Swedish death metal band Demonical are set to release a new album titled 'World Domination' on Octob...

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9/19/2020 | Cryptae: debut album 'Nightmare Tra...
Sentient Ruin Laboratories is proud to work again with Dutch experimental raw death metal deliriants...

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Rämlord - deep in dark waters

Helsinki-based heavy metal group Rämlord has released a new single 'Dark Waters' from their upcoming debut full length album 'From Dark Waters' to be released later this spring via Inverse Records. As a composition the track represents the heavier side of the album. "We ...

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latest reviews

album cover
Shrapnel ::
Palace for the Insane
(2020 Album)

album cover
Pandemia ::
Spreading the Message
(1999 Album)

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album cover
Blood Of The Wolf ::
I: The Law of Retaliation
(2015 Album)

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album cover
Infinited Hate ::
Revel in Bloodshed
(2004 Album)

latest interviews

3/15/2017 | Abstrakt
Abstrakt hail from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Their craft is dark alloy of black and death me...

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7/16/2016 | Napalm Ted
Grindcore/death metal ousting Napalm Ted from Oulu, Finland, are one of the northernmost bands of th...

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3/22/2013 | Dead End Tragedy
Dead End Tragedy is the one of my favourite hardcore/metal bands. They represent a new wave of this ...

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9/23/2020 | Awrizis
9/22/2020 | Noctiferia
9/19/2020 | Cryptae
9/19/2020 | Vocifer
9/19/2020 | Paradise In Flames

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Shrapnel :: Palace for the Insane
Pandemia :: Spreading the Message
Blood Of The Wolf :: I: The Law of Retaliation
Infinited Hate :: Revel in Bloodshed
Benediction :: Killing Music