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Welcome to Archaic Metallurgy. We are about metal music. We have reviews, interviews and other stuff for you to see.

First: The website's design is absolutely archaic. If your eyes aren't as they used to be and it's hard to read small text, why not press ctrl and + keys to zoom in on your browser, thank you.

To labels and other than metal bands (read thi...

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2/3/2023 | Metal Church enlist new vocalist...
US legendary heavy metal band Metal Church lost their long-time vocalist Mike Howe in 2021. Now, th...

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2/1/2023 | Torchia release 'La Marga' single a...
Finnish melodic death metal band have been working on their 3rd full-length album, and present the f...

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2/1/2023 | Primal (Intl.) announce 2nd album '...
Seven years after the critically acclaimed debut, international heavy metallers Primal announce that...

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2/1/2023 | Overkill: 20th album 'Scorched' out...
For over 3 and a half decades, Overkill have been the trailblazers in producing some of the most sig...

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1/26/2023 | Solution .45 working on new album...
Swedish melodic groove metal band Solution .45 have been active with making a new album. Here's more...

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Mineral Reflectance - make the stones speak

Another characteristic black metal band from Southern Europe has been unleashed: Mineral Reflectance from France. It all began during the first lockdown (March/June 2020) in the mind of ZagZero (real name: Stephane H. - guitarist and composer in Akphaezya). The debut album 'Des chemins de vie' was released digitally on December 5th, 2021.

Here is what he has to tell about Mineral Reflec...

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album cover
Druid Lord ::
Relics of the Dead
(2022 Album)

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Azarath ::
Diabolic Impious Evil
(2006 Album)

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Obituary ::
Dying of Everything
(2023 Album)

album cover
Heruka ::
(2022 Album)

latest interviews

7/12/2021 | Heruka
Heruka are an Italian black metal band, who first formed in 2000. They went to dormancy somewhere in...

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3/15/2017 | Abstrakt
Abstrakt hail from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Their craft is dark alloy of black and death me...

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7/16/2016 | Napalm Ted
Grindcore/death metal ousting Napalm Ted from Oulu, Finland, are one of the northernmost bands of th...

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2/1/2023 | Primal
1/28/2023 | Druid Lord
1/28/2023 | Damnation Gallery
1/25/2023 | Frenzy
1/21/2023 | Death Nebula

latest releases added

Druid Lord :: Relics of the Dead
Azarath :: Diabolic Impious Evil
Obituary :: Dying of Everything
Burned In Effigy :: Rex Mortem
Carcass :: The Heartwork EP