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Welcome to Archaic Metallurgy. We are about metal music. We have reviews, interviews and other stuff for you to see.

First: The website's design is absolutely archaic. If your eyes aren't as they used to be and it's hard to read small text, why not press ctrl and + keys to zoom in on your browser, thank you.

To labels and other than metal bands (read thi...

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1/20/2020 | Wold release 'Midnight Hour' music ...
Swedish heavy metal masters Wolf strike back with their brand-new single 'Midnight Hour'. It is a fi...

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1/18/2020 | Autumnfall, the new band from ex-Fa...
Almost 15 years ago one of the underdogs of Finnish melodic death metal, and later, gothic rock, Fal...

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1/18/2020 | Banisher unleash 'Devil in ISO 5' m...
Polish death metal band anisher's new album 'Degrees of Isolation' is coming out on 29th of February...

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1/17/2020 | Necrophiliac (Spain) return with ne...
It's been 28 years of waiting, but finally, the most legendary Spanish death metal band, Necrophilia...

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1/16/2020 | British Lion release 'The Burning' ...
Steve Harris' British Lion's sophomore album 'The Burning' will be out tomorrow, via Parlophone. It ...

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New supergroup Spirits Of Fire revealed

Frontiers Music Srl is known for building new bands/projects featuring musicians of outstanding quality and who come from unique backgrounds. After an intense brainstorming session, a dream team of renowned metal musicians including (pictured from left to right) Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Death etc.), Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex Judas Priest, Iced Ea...

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latest reviews

album cover
Hellrazer ::
(2019 Album)

album cover
Cannibal Corpse ::
Red before Black
(2017 Album)

album cover
Mastemey ::
Obraz pozorny
(2019 Album)

album cover
Mayhem ::
(2019 Album)

latest interviews

3/15/2017 | Abstrakt
Abstrakt hail from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Their craft is dark alloy of black and death me...

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7/16/2016 | Napalm Ted
Grindcore/death metal ousting Napalm Ted from Oulu, Finland, are one of the northernmost bands of th...

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3/22/2013 | Dead End Tragedy
Dead End Tragedy is the one of my favourite hardcore/metal bands. They represent a new wave of this ...

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latest bands added

1/18/2020 | Autumnfall
1/17/2020 | Necrophiliac
1/16/2020 | British Lion
1/16/2020 | Paralysis
1/16/2020 | Athlantis

latest releases added

Hellrazer :: Bonecrusher
Apocryfal :: Crushing Black Death
Apocryfal :: Aberration of Mind
Apocryfal :: Ravens
Cannibal Corpse :: Red before Black