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Ravage Machinery (biography) :: The Dystopian Tide Read a review
Country: Finland
Label: independent
Year: 2011
Format: EP
Released on CD.

1. Thus I Serve (04:15)
2. Lethal Slavery (05:56)
3. Collapse to Retaliate (04:39)
4. March of the Consumed (07:19)
= 00:22:09

Produced and recorded by Rauli Alaruikka at Konservatorio Lappia, in the beginning of 2011.
Edited by Rauli Alaruikka, Elmeri Kinnunen and Matias Helle.
Mixed by Matias Helle at Drophammer Studio.
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Studio.

Song credits:
1 music by Tuomas Valtanen, lyrics by Valtanen / Jukka Haarala,
2 music by Simo Pasma, lyrics by Rauli Alaruikka,
3 music by Pasma / Valtanen, lyrics by Valtanen,
4 music by Valtanen, lyrics by Alaruikka.
All songs arranged by Ravage Machinery.

Front cover, logo, layout and graphics by
Band photo by Aino-Kaisa Hirvioja.

Line-up (left to right):
Rauli Alaruikka - bass
Simo Pasma - guitar
Jani Suopajärvi - drums
Tuomas Valtanen - guitar
Jukka Haarala - vocals

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