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Neolith (biography) :: I Am the Way
Country: Poland
Label: Mythrone Promotion
Year: 2019
Format: Album
Released on CD (limited to 500).

1. The Abu Hymn (05:01)
2. Wanderer Who Bestows (04:01)
3. Irarazakku (04:06)
4. In the Name of Umāmu (04:44)
5. Ask and Thou Shalt Receive (06:08)
6. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! (06:25)
7. I Am the Way (04:09)
8. Let the Heavens Rejoice (06:05)
= 00:40:39

Recorded with Piotr "Kola Dorotniak at Stodoła Studio,2018/2019.
Mixed and mastered by Mariusz Konieczny at Heavy Gear Studio.

All music written by Konrad "Conrad" Białas and Neolith.
All lyrics written by Jacko S.

Cover art by Alexander Shadrin (Nether Temple Design).
Portraits by Krzysztof Brynecki.
Layout by Mirosław Rymar.

Grzegorz "Levi" Łukowski - vocals
Konrad "Conrad" Białas - guitar
Krzysztof "Kriss" Dybas - bass, vocals
Daniel Rutkowski - drums

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