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Calvarium (biography) :: The Skull of Golgotha
Country: Finland
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Year: 2003
Format: Album
Released on CD (digipak).

1. Three Nails and the Hammer of Satan (01:54)
2. Horns of Hate (04:27)
3. Jumalviha (05:59)
4. Death Worship (06:02)
5. Siunatun surma (04:53)
6. Morbid Hordes Revenge (04:07)
7. Herramme on saapuva (04:10)
8. Dedication in Misantrophy (03:26)
9. Suicide Manifesto (05:21)
= 00:40:19

Produced by Pertti "Veilroth" Reponen and Sami Jämsén.
Recorded by Sami Kokko at Studio Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland, and by Sami Jämsén at Studio Perkele, Helsinki, Finland, during the later half of 2002.
Mixed and mastered by Sami Jämsén at Studio Perkele.

All music written by Pertti "Veilroth" Reponen (1995-2002), except 1 by SatOrgAnas and Calvarium.
Lyrics written by Molestor Kadotus and Ville "Shatraug" Pystynen.

Photography by Markus Povelainen.
Logo and layout by Jani "Belemar" Mikkonen.

Line-up (left to right):
Ossi "Lord Sargofagian" Mäkinen - drums
Molestor Kadotus - vocals
Pertti "Veilroth" Reponen - guitar, bass

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