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Ghost Brigade

Ghost Brigade: 'Isolation Songs'

Ghost Brigade's sophomore album 'Isolation Songs' is due to be released by Season Of Mist on August 3rd and August 25th in the US.
This Finnish band's second effort is exactly that much heavier, gloomier, more extreme, varied and dynamic as it should be...

"We are collectively very proud of this record", guitarist Wille comments. "It was a lot of work to get this album done, it took almost two years to write these songs, but now that it's 100% ready I can only say that I feel privileged to be a member of Ghost Brigade. I have a strong feeling we have created something very special with 'Isolation Songs' and it is by far my personal favorite of all recordings I've ever been a part of. I hope people will enjoy these songs as much as we do once they get the chance to hear them. If only August was here already! Be safe!"

1. Suffocated
2. My Heart Is a Tomb
3. Into the Black Light
4. Lost in a Loop
5. 22:22 - Nihil
6. Architect of New Beginnings
7. Birth
8. Concealed Revulsions
9. Secrets of the Earth
10. A Storm Inside
11. Liar [first edition bonus track]

(source: Season Of Mist / Ghost Brigade)

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