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Maahes to release their debut album 'Reincarnation' in September

German Egyptophile black metal band Maahes will release their debut full-lengh album 'Reincarnation' on September 18th, 2020, via MDD Records.

The band commented:

"Dear fans, dear friends, we all are waiting curiously. Countless times we were asked when the time will come.

Many of you will have noticed that already four years passed by since the release of our EP 'Ancient Force'.

Let's talk about the reasons for this long waiting period... 'Reincarnation' was pre-produced already in 2016. One year later it was recorded with painstaking and hard work. It was completely mixed and mastered. Everything was finished and a release in late 2017 would have been possible.

It was good...really good... TOO GOOD!

Every second of this album has been optimized leading to an extremely fat and high-quality sound.

But can you really be unique, in a time where these “computer-productions” are complete entity? Is an entirely compressed album with digital drumkits able to show the talent and the abilities of the musicians?

Together with Florian "Alboin" Dammasch of Eis, who is also the head of Nightside Audio, we dealt with these questions intense. After long considerations we threw the whole album away and started at the beginning again.

We recorded everything once more and produced it together with Alboin with passion and profession.
We spent countless hours recording and arranging the instruments to create an intense sound and feeling.

The result is a classical, honest and dynamic sound with an incredible atmosphere. Things we miss so often in these times. A new artwork and inventive lyrics make this concept perfect.

If you can't imagine the things I have written, just think of a new interpretation of legendary albums like 'Stormblåst' by Dimmu Borgir or 'Storm of the Light's Bane' by Dissection.

But how will it actually sound?

Let's find out on September 18th 2020!"

Conceptually as well as musically, this five-piece shows that they know how to shoulder the burden of extreme metal history. Just as the protagonist of their concept album escapes from the captivity of the ancient Egyptian underworld and resurrects successfully at the end, Maahes stylistically fight their way through a quarter of a century of extreme music history.

The album is rounded off by the artwork of Brazilian artist Caio Caldas / Cadiesart (Dragonforce, Doro, among others).

(source: Maahes / Against PR)

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