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Black Phantom

Black Phantom present 'Sammy the Elf' music video

Black Phantom, Italian leading exponents of the traditional heavy metal scene, have just released on YouTube the video of their new unreleased track 'Sammy the Elf'.

'Sammy the Elf' is the main song of the upcoming American horror film "He Knows", written and directed by Steven Morris.

The Italian band also contributed to the movie soundtrack with two other songs: 'Schattenjäger' and "Either You or Me', both taken from their most recent album 'Zero Hour Is now', released last year by the label Punishement 18 Records.

Soon, there will be more news about the new guitarist joining the band, the other songs recorded for other American and English horror film soundtracks, but mostly about the new, third album of the band, which will be released in 2022 again for Punishement 18 Records.

(source: Punishement 18 Records)

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