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Peru's Disinter to attack with 'Guerra Eterna' album

After the release of the impressive 'Alliance of Death' split CD in company of Chicago's own death metal legends Disinter, Pest Records is extremely proud to announce the release of 'Guerra Eterna', the fourth studio album by Peruvian death metal masters Disinter, on jewel-case CD version this January 31st.

Track listing:
1. Intro: La esencia del mal (01:50)
2. Guerra eterna 04:22)
3. La última ofensiva (04:04)
4. Iliatupac (04:08)
5. Intro: Tormento y lujuria (02:05)
6. Orgía negra (04:30)  
7. Aberrantes ofrendas al Ukupacha (03:42)  
8. Ancestrales rituales de necromancia (05:04)
9. Intro: Los peruanos pasan (00:22)
10. Honor y gloria (04:19)
11. El brujo de los andes (03:55) 
12. Caballero de los mares (05:35)

Celebrating the band's 30 years of activity and a new and determined line-up, Disinter's fourth album is made of 12 tracks (9 + 3 intros) divided in 3 chapters:

Chapter I: Caos, guerra y muerte
Tracks 1-4

Chapter II: Ancestrales cultos heréticos
Tracks 5-8

Chapter III: Gloria inmortal
Tracks 9-12

A devastating material spreading terror and chaos from Peruvian lands, evoking obscure legends and blasphemous practices from one of the most respected bands of the South American death metal scene. Not for the weak souls!!!

Esophagus - bass, vocals
Warogre - drums
Andrés Ramos - guitar
Sadistik Kali - guitar, artwork

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022 at Giovanni Lama Studio in Lima, Peru. Artwork by Artwork - Jorge Vimendy.

(source: Pest Records)

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