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Catacomb (France) to debut with 'When the Stars Are Right' album in March

The legendary French death metal band Catacomb have just revealed the cover artwork, track listing and 1st advance single of what will be their highly anticipated 1st album which will be titled 'When the Stars Are Right' and will be released on 12" vinyl, CD, cassette and digital formats next March 23rd 2023, through Xtreem Music.

1. The Kings of Edom (04:51)
2. Ruler of This World (04:17)
3. Servants of the Old Ones (04:27)
4. Waiting for the Stars (04:39)
5. The Great Dreamer (04:24)
6. Black Goat (03:37)
7. In Your Blasphemous Name (04:06)
8. Crawling Chaos (03:49)
9. Blind Idiot God (04:36)
10. Chapel of Ghouls (Morbid Angel cover) (04:57)

Catacomb were formed in 1990, the year in which they already included a song on a compilation cassette, being followed by four demos and a 7" EP until 1994 when they disbanded and reformed again in '97, recording a 6-song mini CD in 2001 and splitting up a couple of years later. In 2010 and 2015, a couple of compilations were released with their old recordings until in 2018 they reunited again, recording a series of singles prior to their latest work, an EP entitled 'Back to Unknown Kadath' which was followed by their signing by Xtreem Music for what will be his first complete album 'When the Stars Are Right', an exceptional work that will undoubtedly meet the expectations of all the fans of the band. Cover artwork was done by the genius Ukrainian artist Daemorph Art.

(source: Xtreem Music)

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