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Asphyx, one of Holland's oldest death metal bands began somewhere in 1987 playing cover versions of Celtic Frost - 'Nocturnal Fear', Mayhyem - 'Necrolust', just to name the most important ones. Asphyx was founded by drummer Bob Bagchus and guitarist Tonny Brookhuis. When time passed on Asphyx started to develop their own, somewhat unique style within the death/doom metal scene. Still heavily influenced by early gods like old Celtic Frost, Messiah, Death, Slaughter, Necrophagia, Hellhammer and of course the mighty Venom, they recorded the quite noisy rehearsal 'Carnage Remains' in 1988. This, however, was an instrumental one. Later that year they found a suitable bass player/vocalist named Chuck Colli. With him Asphyx recorded the also demo/rehearsal 'Enter the Domain'. That tape was marked by a rather poor sound quality, but still got quite good response in the death metal underground.

In March 1989 Chuck got replaced by new vocalist/bass player Theo Loomans (R.I.P.) and Asphyx found themselves a second guitarist called Eric Daniels. With this line-up they recorded the famous 'Crush the Cenotaph' demo in the spring on 1989. The demo tape was recorded in a 8 track studio for 60, but got excellent response and sold like 5000 copies world wide. This tape left an incredible mark on the death metal scene.

The demo was followed up by the 'Mutilating Process' 7", which was limited to 1000 copies. By now it has become a collector's item. Meanwhile Asphyx did shows in Germany (with Pungent Stench), Denmark (with Invocator) and Belgium.

In the spring of 1990 Tonny Brookhuis left the band and with the line-up consisting of Theo Loomans, Bob Bagchus and Eric Daniels, they recorded the obscure album 'Embrace the Death' in the summer of 1990. The record company back then got into some kind of trouble and Asphyx had to leave the studio in a hurry... Having the album only on a Maxell cassette... Unmixed.

Then Asphyx got Martin van Drunen (after leaving Pestilence) in the band. But Asphyx also found themselves in trouble with Theo Loomans, so they departed ways. The line-up now was: Martin van Drunen - bass/vocals, Eric Daniels - guitar and Bob Bagchus - drums. With this line-up Asphyx recorded the classic death metal album 'The Rack'. This album had some kind of a nuclear impact on the scene back then... Still hard to imagine since its lack of a proper production. It was recorded on only 8 tracks and costed no more then $1500. Who says cheap albums can't do as well...?! Asphyx went on tour with Swedish death metal gods Entombed in 1991. In January and February 1992 Asphyx also did a long tour with Bolt Thrower and Benediction. This also was a great tour.

After that Asphyx recorded their second album, called 'Last One on Earth'. This album was even heavier than 'The Rack', but things got spooked again with Asphyx. Martin van Drunen left the band. Asphyx got a new vocalist called Ron van Pol, but things went down hill. In 1993 drummer Bob Bagchus also left the band, leaving just Eric Daniels and Ron van Pol. Eric recorded 'Asphyx' in the good old tradition, but decided to call it a day a year later as well.

Bob Bagchus and Theo Loomans re-united in 1995 and recorded the 'God Cries' album, but split up in 1996 after lack of band feeling.

In 1997 Eric called Bob to do a project called Soulburn. That's were Wannes Gubbels joined forces. He did the bass and vocals for this old school death metal album called 'Feeding on Angels'. This was an album in the good old Asphyx style, with the right feeling to it. Wannes fitted in perfectly.

Then in 1999 Soulburn transformed into Asphyx... Which seemed natural. With the line-up consisting of Wannes Gubbels - bass/vocals, Eric Daniels - guitar, Bob Bagchus - drums, Asphyx recorded the last official album called 'On the Wings of Inferno'. This album got really good critics and was embraced by the death metal scene. This was a true follow up for 'The Rack'. Very raw and brutal and doomy! Death metal the brutal way! But, all things come to an end and mid 2000 Asphyx split up again. And not to rise anymore...

Until January 2007! This was supposed NOT to happen, but after several calls and pleads from the organizers from PARTY.SAN O.A., Asphyx decided to take their invitation. Unfortunately, the guitarist Eric Daniels couldn't make it to the party, since he lost his feeling to the music, therefore sold his equipment and has a new and different life now. Now, the band's future is open...

(source: Asphyx's page, January 2008, last paragraph edited by AM)
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Founded: 1987
Status: active
Country of origin: Netherlands



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