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The project Ancient Dome was created in 2000, thanks to the will to play heavy metal, by Paul (Paolo Porro - guitars, vocals), Cuzzo (Matteo Cuzzolin - bass guitar, backing vocals) and Pech (Gabriele Borghi - buitars). Syra (Salvatore Siragusano - drums) joined the band the same year.

At the beginning, the proposal was much more concentrated on classic metal, until it finally came to the construction of a new sound based on the Bay Area thrash, but also debtor to the other influences of AD members. The intent is to recreate the atmospheres of bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Heathen, Testament, Coroner, Artillery, Forbidden, Slayer, Exodus, Overkill and so on, mixing the thrash sound with melody.

In 2004, before the recording of the first demo 'Once Were Thrashers', Pech decided to leave the band, being replaced by the actual lead guitarist Ale (Alessandro Fontana).

In 2005 Ancient Dome recorded their first, self-titled EP, which obtained good responses from the reviewers, but first of all from metalheads, who started to follow and support the band.

In 2006/2007 the band began to play live continuously, supporting well-known bands from Italian underground. In June 2007, Syra decided to quit the band for personal reasons, and now Joe (Giorgio Alberti) is behind the drum set. With the new lineup, the band recorded 'Promo 2008'.

In November 2007, Ancient Dome started the recording session for the debut album, entitled 'Human Key', out the 15th of January 2009 for the Italian independent label Punishment 18 Records. The band's name was recognised in the underground Italian thrash circuit (proudly inserted between the acts of the so called "New Wave Of Italian Thrash Metal") and worldwide.

After an assiduous live activity, being opening act for thrash metal living legends like Artillery, Whiplash and Holy Moses, being inserted in "Metal Disorder 2009 Festival" with the label mates Pitiful Reign and being supporter in Milan for the mighty Heathen, during "The Evolution Of Chaos Tour 2010", the band released the successor of the debut album, entitled 'Perception of This World', the 28th of September 2010, again for Punishment 18 Records.

(source: Ancient Dome, December 2010)

(discography updated in December 2010)

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Ancient Dome

Founded: 2000
Status: split up
Country of origin: Italy


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