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WinterRealm was formed on a midsummer eve in 2006, however WinterRealm truly began as far back as 2002.

WinterRealm is based upon atmosphere and ambiance through story, rhythm, and distortion. The WinterRealm is a world in and of itself, an exit from one illusionary plane of existence to another. It's sole sustainer, Aetas, is in essence a manifestation of the WinterRealm. Though a constant, the gate from WinterRealm must stay closed, save for once every so often when it is necessary to cleanse and reseal the crystal gate, lest the WinterRealm be tainted by the foulness of this world. That time is upon us.

The 3-song debut demo 'Aeternae', which was limited only to 10 CDrs, was released in 2006.

The second demo 'Ancient' was released in 2006 too, and is also limited and not available. This demo features 8 songs.

The third demo, 'Twilight', came out in 2009 on cassette through Baleful Benediction Records, and is limited to 66 hand numbered copies.

The first full length album, 'Ouroboros', was released on CD by Azermedoth Records in February 2010.

(source: WinterRealm, March 2010)

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Founded: 2006
Status: active
Country of origin: USA


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