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Haiduk is a death metal solo project by guitarist Luka Milojica. Emerging from the cold forests of Canada, the project came to life with the release of the raw, bone-chilling 8-song demo 'Plagueswept' in 2010.

Aggressive and dark, the sound of Haiduk is a direct channeling of haunting musical ideas from composer to listener, as the conceptualization, writing, and execution of the music is a solitary process. Free from outside influence, the songs lure the listener towards themes of magic, evil, nature and myth.

Forging ahead in solitude, Haiduk unleashed the full-length debut 'Spellbook' in July 2012; a black-magic conjuring of fast guitars and powerful riff attacks summoning an atmosphere of true darkness.

(source: Haiduk, November 2012)
(discography incomplete)

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Founded: 2009
Status: active
Country of origin: Canada



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