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When Jarno Anttila (ex-Belial) decided to step aside from the ranks of Impaled Nazarene after 18 years of pure mayhem, he started to warm-up an idea about a different kind of band. He joined "his forces" with his old partner-in-crime, Janne Mannonen (YUP). The first "victim" of theirs was Niko Karppinen, (Sentenced session-member in 1995, ex-Legenda, ex-Bloodride and ex-Maple Cross). Rämlord started to take its form in the late of 2010, and got stronger in the beginning of 2011 when Tommi Kanerva (Maho Neitsyt, Vaasankatu SS, Terveyskeskus, Murheen Laakso and Kostajat), took over the guitar.

Only vocalist was missing and after hectic search some friend of theirs recommended to check out Mikko Ojala (ex-MMD), which they did. After a short session the decision was really clear, they've found a vocalist and Rämlord was ready to take off towards the new challenges.

The band entered a studio in the fall 2011 and recorded a 5-track demo in East Sound Studios, Helsinki with Sammy Aaltonen. Music of Rämlord was definitely something different than any of the members have been doing before. It included elements from traditional rock, 80'ties heavy metal and black metal which together were creating unique sound.

In spring 2014 band entered in SMF-studios with Sampsa Astala and released their first 7" single 'Evolve to Monster' which included two songs: the title track and 'Mark of Cain'. It was mixed by Mikko Karmila.

Following release was soon ready to take its form in 2015 when Rämlord again closed the doors of SMF-studios behind them and recorded self-financed release under eyes of Sampsa Astala, a mini-LP called 'We Are the Night'.

During summer of 2016 band recorded another 7" single 'Matuska' which included this traditional Russian folksong sung in Russian language - no member of the band understands this particular language - but with help of Olga Pugacheva band was able to perform the song in the atmosphere it deserved. Second cut in the single was never before released 'Served Cold'.

In 2018 Rämlord inked the deal with Inverse Records and started work on new material for the forthcoming full-lenght album. During the process band saw that they needed to take new musical direction which demanded wider range of vocals which led to the decision that Mikko Ojala left the band. After months of search Timo Salmenkivi was hired for the new singer.

Since the band have been working on their debut full-length album. 'From Dark Waters' Will be released during spring 2020 via Inverse Records.

(source: Rämlord, January 2020)

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Founded: 2010
Status: active
Country of origin: Finland