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From Italy, the land of sun, salty air and hot girls (who gladly know how to shave nowadays), come Lucid Dream. This is a progressive heavy rock band of guitarist and songwriter Simone Terigi, who released this second album, with the same lineup as on the debut 'Visions from Cosmos11', in November 2013.

'The Eleventh Illusion' lasts for an hour, and offers both rocking and softer tunes. Lucid Dream's music can be said to be progressive at times, thanks to its rhythmic plays. The music consists of rock and heavy metal, bending towards the former. Joe Satriani influence on the guitar playing is rather strong, but this is more like Mr. Satriani's solo material, not like Chickenfoot (this isn't as bluesy). The music is both blithe and darker. The rhythmic stunts and cheerful vibes together with high-pitched vocals remind of Rush, too. It's not as nasal as Geddy Lee's voice, and not as annoying, if you ask me! But you can prepare yourself for some heavy use of vibration... The songs seem to roll on nicely for a majority of the album, and this

really feels like an album you take on drive on a sunny day. Ther is also a slight NWOBHM feeling on some of the points during the album (like 'Evolution's Iron Maiden-ish guitar solos, as well as on 'Back to Cosmos11'). Heavy Tool influences can be heard on 'Black'. The thing about the softer songs is it, that while they are more or less candied, they avoid the typical trap of being overly sweet. These compositions and performaces actually hold feelings, that feel authentic. In all, the album is quite a diverse entity.

The production still has traits of being homespun. It could, and should, contain more punch, even though there's a good amount of bassy levels there. The sound overally is well lucid (excuse the pun). The artwork is of professional level, for sure, and it's nice to have the lyrics printed.

Most of the songs are characteristic, and the band's performances shouldn't leave any one cold. Lucid Dream have, once again, managed to create a rather distinctive prog rock album, but which didn't strike its target here. But it might strike bingo for someone else.

Rating: 6+ (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Lane
08/05/2014 21:48

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Lucid Dream

album cover
The Eleventh Illusion
1. The Gates of Shadow (00:28)
2. Evolution (05:09)
3. Leave Me Alone (05:10)
4. River Drained (06:14)
5. The Lightseeker (08:07)
6. Back to Cosmos11 (05:27)
7. Connections (01:14)
8. Two Suns in the Sunrise (05:32)
9. The Song of the Beyond (Acoustic Reprise from the Future) (02:57)
10. Black (06:59)
11. The Eleventh Illusion (06:09)
12. The Pulse of Infinity (03:14)
13. The Way of 7m (03:49)
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