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Napalm Ted are one of the most Northern grindcore bands on this planet, I presume (they come from Oulu, Finland). This doesn't mean they are stiff as icicles, no. Last year's debut EP 'Swallow' was a kick in the bollocks, and with this second EP, they are more angrier and focused to cause chaos.

Their influences can be said to include such legendary acts such as Napalm Death, Repulsion and Nasum. NT has a strong smell of punk, but they lash it out in sharp metal way. These seven new songs are more grinding and D-beat infused, dropping a lot of the debut's death metal tendencies. And when there's death metal bits, they have more technical edge to them. There's more of loony riffs reminiscent of last release's Macabre cover song ('McDahmer's'), and more tremolo riffing, too. So, the band doesn't sound quite as heavy this time around, but more nutty and they certainly bash it out with a lot of frenzy; nasty, drilling riffs and blastbeats abound! 'Vegadeth' isn't like Megadeth for sure, but it is a bit different and contains a proggier part. But mainly this is about D-beats, grinding and blasting. With absolutely loads of tempo changes... The production work is good, as it's powerful and nicely articulate, because the performances are ace.

There are two different vocal styles heard. Growling is brutal and varying; from low, guttural and adenoid-detaching. Sometimes it's like Jeff Walker from Carcass was guesting on this EP! Shouting vocals also sound unhealthy for adenoids. They sound mean, and not at all pleasant.

'Into a Black Ooze' is certainly manic grindcore, but I liked the heavier debut more. I also didn't find this one to be as varying as the debut, nor as catchy. But if you're looking for able grindcore, you might want to check this one out.

Rating: 6½ (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Lane
06/02/2016 21:46

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Napalm Ted

album cover
Into a Black Ooze
1. Born (00:59)
2. Vegadeth (02:20)
3. Harlequin (02:46)
4. Pig Head (02:20)
5. That Teddy (01:55)
6. Burnt Arm (00:47)
7. The Chosen (02:18)
= 00:13:25