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This is a brutal re-recorded album and I thought that both 'Skeletal Vortex' (2008) and this were almost equally good. Maybe a little bit better. It's not an exceptionally long album 40+ minutes long and long enough to "hit home". These guys know how to put out some sick brutal death metal. This is their latest, though it's 7 years old. But hopefully they'll come out with something new soon. Most of the songs on here are filled with amazing riffs. The vocals go well with the music and the songs aren't amazingly fast. But the tempos do vary and the riffs are pretty technical. I liked the whole thing even the cover of Deicide's 'Lunatic of God's Creation' was well done.

The album goes in spurt where you have quick tempos then slower paced bouts a mixture of pretty much everything all into one full album. The vocals make the music even more brutal and it's justified. I guess if you're looking for brutal death metal, this one and their previous are good ones to start with. I haven't heard the original version of this just 'Skeletal Vortex' but I'm sure the earliest may be decent. This trio put together some great music. It's pretty addictive the riffs and voice are what captured me the whole time. I'm just hoping a new album is underway especially in this pandemic. It would be an appropriate time to make an album.

The production quality was good, not 100% but it's done better than 'Skeletal Vortex'. The riffs are really original and unique. They resemble a little bit of other bands like Deranged, Suffocation et al. But they still have their unique vibe to their style, it's rather brutal but noteworthy. I like this album all the way through. Nothing about it bored me and I've heard it several times. I'm still into it. That's how blown away by it I am. They stick to their roots and just it's mind-boggling. I've tried to turn other people onto their music hopefully successfully. But I'm not so much concerned about them liking it, I'm concerned if I like it. I think an "A" says it all.

I bought the darn CD because I had faith that it was a step-up from the first recording. And I was right in taking that risk. They sure as hell ousted their 'Skeletal Vortex' release both musically and it was a better produced album as I've said. I'm a bit reluctant to know what the first recording sounded like. I'm sure this one gives it justice. They sure had some great music on here and I was a bit confused at first this being listed twice be it that it was a rerecorded album. I'm (again) glad that they redid this because the sound quality just rips and the music is awesome! Check it out!

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Reviewed by Death8699
01/10/2022 11:17

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album cover
Carnivorous Urge to Kill
1. Deconstructing Anatomy (02:56)
2. Bone Saw (03:45)
3. Hemorrhage Head (03:07)
4. Bloodsoaked (02:45)
5. Masticated Recrudesce (01:03)
6. Morbid Scuplture (03:30)
7. Those without Eyes (04:23)
8. Torn from Mortal Coil (03:07)
9. Carcinoma Contagion (03:52)
10. Still Inside (02:41)
11. Systematic Removal of Vitality / Lunatic of God's Creation (10:48)
= 00:41:57
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