Stardate 09/24/2020 00:47 

I thought this release was WAY underrated! I really like the guitars, drums, vocals, the whole schpeal. I think that this band evolved over the years, some for good, but most for the worst. Not on here though, they have my utmost attention. I'm fussy when it comes to black metal. If an album is overruled by synthesizers, I'm not interested. They didn't go overboard on here. Everything was in sync with everything else. I cannot stress that enough. They really kicked ass on here the musicianship is just insurmountable. I think the album is good the whole way through. Everything is original sounding and the vocals slay.

With the help of Galder on lead and Hellhammer behind the drum-kit, this is a no fail release to me. I don't care about other people's opinion on here. It's totally catchy and original guitar-work. And Hellhammer simply crushes as usual. This band should have progressed but their latest is really terrible. I stopped following this band after this release. I just thought this was the last monument. The album 'Death Cult Armageddon' (2003) another one that slays. But I like this one more. Hence, the higher rating. They should've chronically recruited Hellhammer and Galder, but Silenoz has always been killer.

The music on here is what hits home for me. They really do the album justice with the songwriting on here. They don't overuse the synthesizers. But the aura is totally grim. As with past releases, as well. They really need this album as a change and the rhythms are just entirely dramatically well orchestrated. The riffs I look at most on albums being that I am a former guitar player. It just comes natural to me. The whole effort as a band on here is just phenomenal. They really kick ass here. The drums keeping in sync with the music. It's completely there all the way and the choruses are enigmatic.

Check this one out! It's definitely worth it. For black metal fans or just people who like metal, this release is a killer one! Everything on here is worth checking out, the music, the production quality, the vocals and the drums. Everything on here is just amazing. This album is filled with intriguing auras and high points. It's entirely amazing and they picked an all-star cast. Hellhammer slays behind the drum-kit. And Galder does a great job on lead. But the rhythms are entirely original. Some of the variations in the vocals are intriguing as well. Get this album right now!

Rating: 9½ (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Death8699
07/22/2020 14:36

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In Sorte Diaboli
1. The Serpentine Offering (05:09)
2. The Chosen Legacy (04:12)
3. The Conspiracy Unfolds (05:24)
4. The Sacrilegious Scorn (03:59)
5. The Fallen Arise (02:59)
6. The Sinister Awakening (05:09)
7. The Fundamental Alienation (05:17)
8. The Invaluable Darkness (04:44)
9. The Foreshadowing Furnace (05:49)
10. The Ancestral Fever * (05:51)
11. The Heretic Hammer ** (04:34)
12. Black Metal *** (03:22)
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