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Polish Pandemonium are working on their fourth full length album right now. 'Promo 2010' is a small sample of that forthcoming bedlam titled 'Misanthropy'. The band started back in 1990 and release one album before changing their name to Domain in 1995. Pandemonium returned from the abyss in 2004 and have since released three albums.

'Promo 2010' offers two new songs, both "unofficial" versions, meaning that they are probably just raw mixes (but they do sound pretty much perfect with a tad muddy yet heavy and versatile sound). But how damned good do they already sound! Mid-paced 'Black Forest' takes a listener back to early 1990's with its darkened, evil death/black metal. Nasty, almost punky at times, riffing meets open-stringed guitar playing, and layered guitars. Some great lead guitar work lifts up the arcane atmosphere. Low Vader-esque vocals are accompanied by demonic shrieks, agonized voices and chanting. In short, this song opens the gates to Hell! 'God Delusion' isn't quite as dense in its atmosphere, but still a fine strike againt religions. It's pretty much put together from similar building blocks as the first song, only more straight. Close to the bullseye anyways.

The extra videos are okay. Clips have very good and dense atmosphere, with fires burning on-stage and other stage apparel utilized. The band's music works exquisitely in live envronment. Two first of the videos are of good bootleg quality, with more or less muddy sound and grainy picture, but it only lifts up the atmosphere. The third one is with live picture, but has the original album soundtrack (the song 'Frost' itself).

This is a great, nicely packaged taster for the forthcoming album (promised in Autumn 2011). Not only for the fans of the band, who get some good video extra, but also for all newcomers to check out. If you want evil, archaic death/black metal, then try this. This small taster made me want to investigate this band, and that's a huge accomplishment in my book!

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04/30/2011 10:22

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Promo 2010
1. Black Forest (04:35)
2. God Delusion (03:46)
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