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Calvarium (biography) :: Assaulting the Divine Read a review
Country: Finland
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Year: 2004
Format: EP
Released on CD.

1. Wrathpainted Hammer upon Their Weakening (03:56)
2. Through the Scars of Selfmutilation (04:02)
3. Riistäen sielun ja hengen (05:45)
4. The Dark Blessed Elite (05:46)
= 00:19:29

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fantom Studio, Finland, during July and August 2004.

All music written and arranged by Pertti "Veilroth" Reponen and Calvarium, 2003-2004.
Lyrics written by Molestor Kadotus, 2003-2004.

Design and layout by Molestor Kadotus and Babalon Graphics.
Artwork by Veilroth.
Photography by Lady IkiHorros.

Line-up (left to right):
Pertti "Veilroth" Reponen - guitar, bass
Molestor Kadotus - vocals
Ossi "Lord Sargofagian" Mäkinen - drums

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