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Italian black metal band Heruka were formed in 2000, but the latest release, 'Memorie', is only their 3rd full-length album to date. Well, they really got their act together not until 2018, so keeping that in mind they have been working hard for the last 5-6 years, also putting out an EP and a live DVD/Blu-ray.

Still, there's no dip in quality. Each release has its own kind of atmosphere, but still it's so easy to identify the band. The previous album 'No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows' was about madness, and felt just like that. Now, looking at the cover art of 'Memorie' (created by Salvator Rosa, circa 1656) after listening to the album, it is a terribly good tip how the album feels like; the vibe is often so antiquated and poetic that I feel like writing this review on a piece of parchment in warm candle light, drinking red wine and chewing on roasted pheasant leg (not peasant leg, no, let's act humanely!).

The atmosphere is thick, even though there is no much keyboards utilized (on the intro, there's horror organ), it's basically just vocalization, guitars, bass and drums. The guitar tone is beefy, not exceedingly trebly even during tremolo parts, and the bass can be heard finely. Together they weave some classical-sounding compositions as well as aggressive and ripping black metal tunes (these tend to sound very similar to two previous Heruka releases). Open-stringed guitars add that certain kind of eerie, unfathomable darkness. This is certainly on the technical side, as well. The bass is something like a mixture of Steves Harris and DiGiorgio, it goes wildly up and down the fretboard. At most theatrical times it wears avant-garde mask (Heruka have never been afraid to try something a bit different). 'Passacaglia' contains some "Godfather" style lament parts with non-metal instruments.

Vocalization is in Italian this time around, like during the first decade of the band's existence. Therefore, alas, I really cannot elaborate on the lyrical topics too deeply, but to tell that there's something about human suffering from birth to death. The vocals are lower or more high-pitched growling , or more proverbial black metal style gnome, spiced with some narrated passages.

Once again, the band were able to turn their thoughts into sonical form. And this time around too, the result is not easy listening. Heruka do not provide any remedy for life's deep waters, but this really drags listeners in some profound ones.

Rating: 7½ (out of 10) ratings explained

Reviewed by Lane
01/19/2023 20:02

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album cover
1. Inno (01:06)
2. Presagi (03:50)
3. Ad un passo (03:21)
4. Memorie (03:35)
5. Indarno (03:23)
6. Vegetable (03:58)
7. Inutile attesa (04:39)
8. Anossia (03:24)
9. Crioginesi (03:51)
10. Passacaglia (06:27)
= 00:37:34
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